Photos of Photos

Nearly 3 years after I took this shot:

Jack Johnson, guitarist and vocalist of Dangerboner, perfoming at the Double Down in Las Vegas, NVI received a very random email with this photo by Vivian Martin of me taking the photo:

photo by: Vivian Martin

I saved it into a folder of photos and videos of me taking photos, and realized it has grown to be a collection of it’s own!

It got me wondering how many photos of me taking photos there are out there, and how well I could match them up with their counterparts.  So, I’m now on a mission to match as many of those shots up to their originals as possible, and possibly make a coffee table book on the subject.

If you happen to have any photos of me taking photos, and would be interested in seeing what shot I was taking when you were taking your photo, please send it over!


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