Lightning Over Las Vegas

We had an amazing sunset lightning storm today in Vegas.  Fortunately, it was an admin day so I was home to catch it!!

This web-sized image is a drastically reduced and JPG compressed taste of the 36MP long exposure crispness that I'm able to enjoy on the big monitor at home.  I'm not typically in the business of selling prints, but this one deserves to be printed!  I'm thinking about running off a limited edition at 36" on pearl.  Anybody interested?



The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford

While this may be old news for some of you, it was quite some time before I started this blog.

A few years ago, The Ashmolean Museum of Art & Archaeology at the University of Oxford, England, licensed one of my prints for their Gallery of Eastern Art.  You can see the 9'x3' 300dpi print hanging on the red wall.  It is a segment of a larger HDR panorama from a series I shot in 2007 at the Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain) range in Anhui, China.

It will be displayed until at least 2019, so if you happen to be in Oxford, please stop in to check it out!

Lucky Lady Lucy Burn

If you look to the bottom right corner, you’ll see a gathering for the First Vegas Burn.  The fire wasn’t that big, there was very little smoke and there were a few obstacles in the way.  But it was my first experiment with the relatively new technique of chrono-stitching, and I think the atmosphere and vibrance of the photo really work well.  I’ll be trying more of this in the future when I find more suitable subjects.