Lucky Lady Lucy Burn

If you look to the bottom right corner, you’ll see a gathering for the First Vegas Burn.  The fire wasn’t that big, there was very little smoke and there were a few obstacles in the way.  But it was my first experiment with the relatively new technique of chrono-stitching, and I think the atmosphere and vibrance of the photo really work well.  I’ll be trying more of this in the future when I find more suitable subjects.

Flameology Video

Here is a quick time-lapse video of Flameology’s First Friday Fire Performance at the Arts Factory: Bar + Bistro in Downtown Las Vegas.

Shot with a goPro sitting on top of the monitor speaker while I DJed.  In this 2 minute video, you’ll see 1290 time-lapse photos that sliced the hour and a half performance into 2 second intervals!

So, in case you didn’t know it I DJ as ‘Elil’, and I’ll be your friend forever if you like  my FB page here:

More about Flameology here:

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

New Years Eve 2012 - Las Vegas StripHappy New Year!!!  =)   To start my first post of the year off with a bang… here is a short time-lapse video of the fireworks over the Las Vegas Strip from my 14th floor studio:

Thank you for following my photography this past year.  It’s been a fun one, full of diverse and fascinating shoots.  I’ve never felt more lucky to do what I love to do for a living!

Last January started off great with conclusion of the post-work and release of the   Luxor national advertising campaign.  Shortly afterwards, I found myself on German prime-time TV photographing the finalists of a reality game show, shooting promos for 6Pool Gaming and Evil Dead the Musical.

One of the more unique shoots was for a series of postcards, where I had to play scavenger hunt for the locations and angles in a series of historic photos of Las Vegas landmarks from 50-100 years ago.

Another focus of the year was 3D photography.  I used a state-of-the-art beam-splitter mirror rig with two Nikon D700′s with matched prime lenses to freeze staged action scenes in true-stereo:  Fire Dancers, Celebrity Impersonators, Breakdancers, Welders, Fire-Eating Bartenders and even a blackjack scene at the Sahara Casino.  It’s been an intense process refining the technique and adapting the video rig for dSLRs.

The year hasn’t all been just creating photos.  I’ve also had the pleasure of capturing some of the more unusual sporting events like Monster Jam, Supercross,  Lingerie Bowl, Major League [Video] Gaming, and the otherworldly Kaiju Big Batel Monster Wrestling.

It’s been a slow year for travel with only shoots in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Arizona, Dallas and San Fransisco, but 2012 is about to kick off with 2 weeks in Thailand!  Now that my social media and blog are fully functional, expect TONS of updates throughout the coming year!!


Fire Performers Stereoscopic Photo-Shoot

In an ongoing series of 3D action shoots, I’ve been using state-of-the-art stereoscopic technology to freeze dynamic scenes in true photographic 3D.

One of the more interesting shoots was with a group of Fire Performers at the dry lakebed.  The following time-lapse video shows what happened behind the scenes followed by a montage of un-retouched 2D stills

Fire Performers Stereoscopic Photo-Shoot: Behind the Scenes Time-Lapse Video

Vegas Characters Stereoscopic Photo-Shoot

Using state-of-the-art stereoscopic technology, I’ve been producing a series of 3D action photo-shoots.  One epic session featured a few of Las Vegas’ most unique characters, street performers and impersonators.

This time-lapse video is a behind the scenes perspective on the stereoscopic process and hyper-speed record of the10-hour shoot.

Vegas Characters: Stereoscopic Photo-Shoot – Behind the Scenes Time-Lapse Video

About a minute and a half in, you’ll see photographer Adam Sternberg doing a VR panorama of the shoot. You can see the finished 360° photo here.