Evil Dead Mask

There are always moments during post-processing complicated composites or 3D shots where a unique and unintentional state of the image in progress really stands on it's own as an artistic entity (as show earlier this week: http://blog.adamshane.com/2012/07/anaglyph-symmetry/).  While they usually never get publicized, I usually take screenshots for my own personal collection.

Here's one from the Evil Dead The Musical composite.  This one happened when I switched blending modes on the color grading layer for the rear subjects.  Something about the way the hand masked outlines look with gradient layer really remind me of a graffiti chalk outline… sort of appropriate for singing deadites.

Superstar Studios – VR Panorama

Over the last few months, I've been working in conjunction with Superstar Me and Extensoft to build a state-of-the-art commercial photo and video studio in the center of Las Vegas.  We just finished construction on Studio A: featuring a 45' Green-Screen Cyclorama Wall, as well as several other customizable sets.  It's located only a block away from the center of the strip, and is now available for rental.  More details to come soon.

Click on the image or here to view the VR panorama.

Photos of Photos

Nearly 3 years after I took this shot:

Jack Johnson, guitarist and vocalist of Dangerboner, perfoming at the Double Down in Las Vegas, NVI received a very random email with this photo by Vivian Martin of me taking the photo:

photo by: Vivian Martin

I saved it into a folder of photos and videos of me taking photos, and realized it has grown to be a collection of it’s own!

It got me wondering how many photos of me taking photos there are out there, and how well I could match them up with their counterparts.  So, I’m now on a mission to match as many of those shots up to their originals as possible, and possibly make a coffee table book on the subject.

If you happen to have any photos of me taking photos, and would be interested in seeing what shot I was taking when you were taking your photo, please send it over!