Photos of Photos

Nearly 3 years after I took this shot:

Jack Johnson, guitarist and vocalist of Dangerboner, perfoming at the Double Down in Las Vegas, NVI received a very random email with this photo by Vivian Martin of me taking the photo:

photo by: Vivian Martin

I saved it into a folder of photos and videos of me taking photos, and realized it has grown to be a collection of it’s own!

It got me wondering how many photos of me taking photos there are out there, and how well I could match them up with their counterparts.  So, I’m now on a mission to match as many of those shots up to their originals as possible, and possibly make a coffee table book on the subject.

If you happen to have any photos of me taking photos, and would be interested in seeing what shot I was taking when you were taking your photo, please send it over!


Jen & Russ’ Ultimate Las Vegas Wedding Photo Shoot

An amazingly cool couple from England hired me to shoot their Las Vegas wedding last year. It was quite a day!  A great set of locations including the Neon Museum, Vegas Sign and Downtown were supplemented by a rare rain storm gracing Vegas!

The moody skies and rain added beautiful new element to the typically sun-drenched Vegas.

They recently had this to say about me:

“We chose Adam as he wasn’t your average wedding photographer and we are glad we did.  Our wedding pictures are truly unique and Adam’s eye for lighting and the staging of a picture made for a  wedding album that is the envy of our friends. Adam was fun to work with and really captured the essence of ‘us’.  He has produced beautiful images we are so proud to show off”.


If you’d like to see the photos, you can view an online wedding album that they created here:


Lucky Lady Lucy Burn

If you look to the bottom right corner, you’ll see a gathering for the First Vegas Burn.  The fire wasn’t that big, there was very little smoke and there were a few obstacles in the way.  But it was my first experiment with the relatively new technique of chrono-stitching, and I think the atmosphere and vibrance of the photo really work well.  I’ll be trying more of this in the future when I find more suitable subjects.